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Roof Cleaning - The ins and outs


"Pressure washers are extremely damaging to any roof. They remove all the natural silt on the tile which poses as a protective layer. Without this protection the roof will age vastly. Any company urging you to pressure wash your roof is simply after performing the job quickly, your money and not what is best for your roof. The damage this causes is horrendous!" - Max Barrow - Business owner

Why choose us to clean your roof?

Roofs are like teeth - You wouldn't let plaque build up so why let moss build up?

Many homeowners believe moss is not harmful or threatening to the property and that its just a cosmetic problem. Homeowners may find it looks nostalgic. In actual fact having moss growth is a very common problem causing most homeowners the majority of roof related issues.  Homeowners dont realize the serious damages moss can cause to a roof.

Moss will grow in almost any area including the ground, roofs and walls. Typically moss is found in dense quantities on the north facing side of the property and this is because of the sun is less likely to hit it - creating the perfect element for it to grow - dark and damp conditions. Trees or tall buildings blocking sunlight can increase in this growth. Moss is also found on tops of chimneys, around pots, pointing and leadwork.

If you was to leave your home and approach the garden wall and find a bit of moss growing in between the brickwork please remove it and look at the roots. The chances are the roots have pulled away some of the mortar. This indeed shows that moss will grow anywhere and damage anything to get a good firm grip. Imagine the damage being caused to your roof! Further below explains why it is so important that we clean your roof and prevent any further growth.

Dry Roof Cleaning (Pictured)

Leave it to the professionals We clean roofs the traditional way and use safety ladders, equipment and we do not use machines as we cannot get up close and personal and tend to any damage, repairs or see any other problems. Our prices vary depending on your property size. Cleaning your roof is the best way to maintain and ensure a long lasting roof. Moss can cause serious damage to your home and can also block up your gutters. The moss and other debris can fall and land in your gutters creating a separate issue and cost. Don't worry once we clean your roof we will clean surrounding areas, gutters and dispose of the waste free of charge!

The damages moss, algae and lichen can cause:

  • Forces tiles to separate allowing rain to penetrate the property easier
  • Roots will embed deeper into the roof system and can easily erode any type of felt, battens and mortar
  • Weaken tiles and cause loose tiles which creates extremely dangerous hazards to cars, humans and animals below. As the wind can blow them off the roof or even slide without wind depending on the size of the roof's pitch
  • The penetration of water can rot and erode the support beams of the roof causing the roof to decay and eventually collapse
  • Unhealthy mould growth in the home
  • Annoying mess in garden
  • Blocking gutters and downpipes which can lead to an ongoing list of internal issues from peeling paintwork, condensation and window frame damage


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